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Cathedral News: March 2017 PDF Print E-mail
[March 10, 2017] 
  • There is an error in the HVC schedule for March: this year the feast of the 40 Martyrs of Sebastia, in accordance with the Rubrics, will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 21 (instead of Wednesday, March 22). The Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts for the feast is scheduled for 9:00 am.
  • On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 5, three bishops took part in the Rite of Orthodoxy Service: His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill, Bishop Theodosy of Seattle and for the first time – Bishop Irenei of Sacramento. Among the clergy were two guests: Priest Ioan Comanescu of the Protection Church in Palo Alto (he was awarded the right to wear the kamilavka at services) and Hieromonk Zaccheus from the Glazov and Igrin Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. Fr. Zaccheus presented a relic of the Holy Confessor Victor (Ostrovidov) of Glazov to the Holy Virgin Cathedral.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the parishioners of Holy Virgin Cathedral is scheduled for Sunday, March 19, at 1:00 pm. Among other matters a new innovative and realistic plan to build a parking structure will be revealed to the parishioners: do not miss this meeting!
  • On Wednesday, March 22 the Presanctified Liturgy will be celebrated by Archbishop Kyrill and cathedral clergy in the evening, at 6:00 pm and will be sung by the Cathedral Choir (it will be only the second time this choir will sing this service).
  • The "monthly" English Liturgy for March will not be served on Sunday, March 26 (because of the upcoming Lenten retreat), but on Sunday, April 2ю
  • Below is a list of lenten fare at HVC during this Great Lent:
    • Sunday March 19 – Piroshki by V. Loukianoff's group: barley soup & borscht. Benefitting Cathedral repairs.    
    • Sunday, March 26 – Prosphora group: borscht, cabbage or mushroom pirog, seafood paella lunch, Caesar salad, roll, dessert. Benefitting Cathedral needs. 
    • Sunday, April 2 – V. Loukianoff's group: piroshki and soups. Benefitting Cathedral repairs.
    • Friday, April 7, Annunciation Day – HVC Sisterhood: salmon or mushroom pirog, bagels with smoked salmon, soup. Benefitting Cathedral décor.
    • Sunday, April 9 – St. Cyril & Methodius High School: fish cutlets luncheon, piroshki & soup. Benefitting Russian School.
Великий пост в кафедральном соборе, первая седмица PDF Print E-mail
[25 февраля 2017] Великопостный путь начинается в воскресенье 26 марта в 6 часов вечера с особой вечерня с чином Прощения. На первой седмице Великого поста начало утреннего богослужения (утреня, часы, изобразительные, вечерня и поминовение усопших*) в 7 часов утра, а Великое повечерие с чтением Великого покаянного канона преп. Андрея Критского – в 6 часов вечера. В среду и пятницу будет совершена литургия Преждеосвященных Даров. Первое воскресенье Великого поста, 5 марта – Торжество православия. После поздней архиерейской литургии будет совершен чин Православия.

*) Ежедневно в течение поста совершаются заупокойные литии с поминовением усопших. Помянники на Великий пост принимаются у свечного стола кафедрального собора.

Great Lent at the Cathedral, the Journey Begins PDF Print E-mail
[February 25, 2017] The lenten journey begins on Sunday, March 26 at 6:00 pm with a unique Vesper service and Rite of Forgiveness. The services for the first week of Great Lent will start daily at 7:00 am (Matins, Hours, Typica, Vespers and commemoration of the dead*), with Great Compline and the reading of the Great Penitential Canon of St. Andrew of Crete on Monday-Thursday at 6:00 pm. A Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts will be served on Wednesday and Friday. The following Sunday, March 5, is the Sunday of Orthodoxy. Following the late Pontifical Liturgy the Rite of Orthodoxy.

*) Every day during Great Lent special prayers are offered for the departed. Those wishing to have their close ones prayed for during the course of Great Lent can submit their commemmoration slips/books at the cathedral candle sales desk.
Литургия в субботу 18 февраля будет пропета Коневецким квартетом PDF Print E-mail
[11 февраля 2017] В субботу 18 февраля, в родительскую субботу (поминовение усопших), на Божественной литургии в кафедральном соборе будет петь Коневецкий мужской квартет из Санкт-Петербурга. Начал литургии в 8 часов утра.
Konevets Male Quartette to Sing Liturgy on Saturday, February 18 PDF Print E-mail
[February 11, 2017] On Saturday, February 18 (Commemoration of the Dead), the responses at the Divine Liturgy will be sung by the Konevets Male Quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Liturgy is scheduled for 8:00 am.
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