Sunday, March 25: 10th ANNUAL LENTEN RETREAT at Holy Virgin Cathedral – mark the date!

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Holy Virgin Cathedral - Joy of all Who Sorrow - San Francisco, CA - Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Forgiveness Sunday
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Congratulations! We have come to the threshold of Great Lent. Our common Mother, the Church, has spent several weeks preparing us for this moment both physically and spiritually. Only one more thing remains to be done. Before we begin the work of repenting and reconciling our lives with the expectations that our Savior has of us, we must all be reconciled with each other.. (continue)
Молебен об «умножении любви и искоренении всякой ненависти и злобы»
В связи с политическими событиями, происходящими ныне на Украине, по благословению Его Высокопреосвященства Кирилла, архиепископа Сан-Францисского и Западно-Американского, в кафедральном соборе "Всех скорбящих Радости" в воскресенье 23 февраля в 5 часов вечера будет отслужен молебен об «умножении любви и искоренении всякой ненависти и злобы». После окончания молебна состоится заупокойная лития
+Епископ Феодосий
In relation to the political events that are now transpiring in the Ukraine, and with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill, on Sunday the 23rd of February at 5pm a molebien "for the increase of love..." will be served at Holy Virgin Cathedral. Following the molebien a litia for the departed will be served.
+Bishop Theodosy
Sunday of the Dread Judgment
February 21, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

After this Sunday, only one week remains before the start of Great Lent. The Church has been preparing us spiritually for the last three weeks by giving us wonderful lessons in the Sunday Gospel readings. The Church has also been preparing us bodily by gradually easing us into the diet that we are expected to keep during fasting period. Two weeks ago, the week was a fast-free week where we were freed from fasting on Wednesday and Friday. Last week the fasting on those two days was reinstated. This coming week, starting on Monday, is called cheese-fare week. On this week we give up all forms of meat (this includes chicken). In this way, when we begin the fast, our bodies are not stressed by the severe change in our diet. At the same time, we need to remember that we are preparing our bodies for fasting. Therefore, we should not be tempted by the strange tradition that has evolved of making this week one of satiating ourselves with such foods as blini. We can enjoy our blini in good measure and not stun our bodies with the severe overeating followed by strict fasting on Monday....continue
«Люди открыли свои души…»
Интервью с архиепископом Сан-Францисским и Западно-Американским Кириллом о его поездке в Японию и Россию в ноябре 2013 года

An interview with Archbishop Kyrill about his recent trip to Japan and the Far East with the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God.
Meeting of the Lord/ Prodigal Son

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This weekend our Church celebrates two important holidays, both of which give us very important lessons for our spiritual life. The first is one of the twelve major feasts days of the church year, the Meeting of the Lord....continue

The Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
February 5, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The Church this Sunday begins to prepare us for the approach of Great Lent. Since in Great Lent we are called to battle against our sinful passions, the preparation is begun with a discussion on what can be called the mother of all passions which is pride.

Moleben for an end to the drought in California
On Sunday, February 2, 2014, at 12:30 pm a special moleben will be served for the ending of the drought in California.

Decree 4E/2014 to all parishes and missions in California (pdf)
Gospel Reading Sunday, February 2, 2014
The Mighty Healing Power of Compassionate Non-Judgmental Love
Gospel Reading Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan. 25, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The Gospel reading for this Sunday, the first Sunday after Theophany when we celebrated the baptism of our Savior performed by St. John the Baptist, talks about the Savior beginning His Mission.....  Continue

Feast of Theophany 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This Sunday we will be celebrating the second major holiday of this month. Less then two weeks ago we celebrated the Nativity of our Savior or the birth of our Lord. Upon celebrating His birth, we then lose sight of the God-Child as the Gospel writers totally overlook all details about His life except for one episode when the twelve year-old Jesus is forgotten by His parents and left alone in Jerusalem. The details on His life begin again when He turns thirty and by Moses' Law is of age to begin teaching. Due to the fact that by this time in history, the general spiritual level of humanity had degraded to such a low level that it would have been impossible for people to understand and accept the profound teachings of the Savior, a forerunner was needed to prepare them. Such a forerunner, St. John the Baptist, is sent by God for this mission. He is the greatest of all the prophets and the only prophet to see the Savior with his own eyes. St. John spends three months teaching and baptizing, leading to the moment when the Savior is to appear.

Before beginning His work, Jesus reveals to the world the essence of His Mission. It is founded on the greatest of spiritual virtues, humility. Despite being sinless, Jesus goes to where John is baptizing and asks for baptism. John is confused. His baptism is a baptism for the forgiveness of sins, and although he does not yet know who is standing before him, in his pure heart he senses Jesus' great spiritual superiority. He understands that this stranger is the one who should baptizing him instead of receiving baptism. But Jesus insists, and St. John submits. At the moment the baptism is completed and Jesus is getting out of the water, an incredible thing happens. The Heavens open up, a Dove descends over the head of Jesus, and a deep voice is heard from above witnessing to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. For the first time in history, God openly reveals His true nature. He is the one God in three Persons, God the Father (the voice), God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit (the dove). St John only then realizes who Jesus is.

This is the momentous event that we will be witnessing on Sunday. And as a special blessing, there will be a major blessing of Holy Water which we are able to take home with us to drink from when we need or want to. This holiday also marks the time of the year when we are called to ask a priest to visit our home and bless it with the Holy Water of Theophany. Therefore, I encourage you to bring a clean empty bottle with you when you come to Church on Sunday to fill it with the  Holy Water. After this, do contact a priest to schedule a house blessing. Since our sins pollute our home environment, we are able to purify our homes with this blessing.

In conclusion, I greet all of you and pray  that you enjoy a most spiritually-satisfying celebration on this holy day. 

With Love in Christ,
Archpriest Serge Kotar

Feastday Schedule - Праздничное Расписание

Крещение Господне

18 января - Навечерие Крещения. 

Литургия в 9 ч. ут., после которой вечерня и великое освящение воды.

Всенощная в 6 ч. веч.

19 января - Крещение Господне.

ОДНА Лит. в 9 ч. утра. Крестный ход на Иордань и великое освящение воды.

19 января будет доступна парковка в школе Presidio за $ 5  - с 8 ч. утра до 3 ч. дня


January 18 - Eve of Theophany.

Liturgy at 9:00 am followed by Vespers and Great Blessing of Water.

Vigil at 6:00 pm.

January 19 - Theophany. 

ONE Liturgy & Great Blessing of Water at 9:00 am.

January 19 - Parking will be available at Presidio Middle School for $5.00 from 8am to 3pm.

Рождественское послание - Nativity Epistle

Рождественское послание Его Высокопреосвященства Архиепископа Сан-Францисского и Западно-Американского Кирилла, 25 декабря / 7 января 2014 г.

The Nativity Epistle of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America, 25 December / 7 January 2014.
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