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His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill Receives Congratulations On His 60th Birthday. PDF Print E-mail

On November 11/24 , 2014, our Ruling Bishop, His Eminence Archbishop Kyril,l marked his 60th Birthday.

Heartfelt congratulations are offered from the Diocesan Council, clergy and all the faithful of the Western American Diocese on the occasion of this Jubilee with wishes of health and length of days to Vladyka Kyrill in service to our Diocese.

His Holiness KIRIL Patriarch of Moscow and All of Russia congratulates His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill with his Birthday, as do others

Letter From His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia KIRIL

To His Eminence Kyrill, Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America:

 Your Eminence!

 I offer you my heart-felt congratulations upon the occasion of your 60th Birthday.

 From childhood, having chosen the path of service to Christ, you have fully devoted yourself to the Lord and His Holy Church. Having received the necessary theological education, you decisively handed yourself over to Divine Providence and took upon yourself monastic vows. Seeing your zeal and desire to serve Him in Spirit and Truth, God has called you to apostolic work.

 Over 20 years have passed since the archpastoral omophorion has been placed upon your shoulders. With humility and meekness all these years you have performed various archpastoral labors in the San Francisco diocese. While continuing the work of ever-memorable Vladyka Anthony you have witnessed to the beauty and truth of Orthodoxy and carry the light of the Gospel to those who dwell on the North American continent.

Bearing in mind your zealous archpastoral service and in connection with your 60th Birthday I bestow upon you a commemorative panagia.

I prayerfully wish you good health, unfailing joy in Christ Jesus and God’s speed in your further endeavors to the glory of the Holy Trinity and to the profit of Mother-Church.


The original can be read here (in Russian).