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Weekly Saint John Moleben - Submit Names

You may provide a list of names of your relatives and friends that you wish to have commemorated at the weekly moleben service to Saint John in front of his relics. This can be done by filling out the form below and submitting it prior to the deadline indicated below.

Guideline for Submitting Names for Commemoration

The moleben is served every Saturday at 5:30pm Pacific. In order to have your names read by the clergy present at the moleben you must submit your list by NO LATER than FRIDAY at 3:00pm Pacific (check current time in San Francisco). Any names received AFTER 3:00pm Pacific on FRIDAY will only be read the following week. Orthodox names submitted will also be commemorated at the Divine Liturgy the following day (Sunday).

We receive hundreds of names for commemorations on a regular basis and in order to help us automate the process of formatting/printing of the list of names, we ask that you please read this section carefully and adhere to the following requirements:

  • Enter Names in RUSSIAN or ENGLISH language ONLY. Use the drop down in the form to indicate which language you are typing in. This helps us sort the names into separate lists.
  • Try to make sure your browser is using the following encoding: Unicode (UTF-8).
  • Only names of the Living are commemorated at the moleben.
  • Do not send names of the Departed. 
  • Do not include last names/surnames. Only the first names are required.
  • Do not specify a reason for the name, for example: "Looking for a wife".
  • You can specify illness by preceding the name with "ill", for example:
    ill infant John
    But do not specify a reason for the illness, for example,  this is not appropriate:
    "infant John - high temperature" <- Not acceptable
  • Non-Orthodox names are OK to include. To indicate someone who is non-Orthodox please use parenthesis around their names, for example: (Darren), (Jamie), (Sheryl), etc.
  • Please use full clergy titles when submitting. These include: Patriarch, Metropolitan, Archbishop, Bishop, Archimandrite, Archpriest, Abbot, Hieromonk, Priest, Archdeacon, Protodeacon, Hierodeacon, Deacon, Subdeacon, Reader.
  • Other titles include: Schema-Monk, Rassaphore Monk, Monk, Novice, Abbess, Nun, Church Warden, Choir Director.
  • Please do not enter clergy as, for example: "Fr. John". Try to figure out what their rank is and enter it as "Priest John" or "Deacon John", etc. but not:
    "Fr. John" <- Not acceptable 
    "Rev. John" <- Not acceptable.
    If you are not sure of the exact rank use the closest one.
  • There is no limit to how many forms you can submit, therefore, please don't try to fit your entire list within the 16 lines provided when it is clearly obvious it will not fit. Just submit a second form if it doesn't fit on the first. 
  • There is a 30 character limit per each line. Try to use the space accordingly.
  • Do not overload each line with multiple names. For example:
    George, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Katherine   <- Not acceptable
    Victor, Nicholas, Anthony & Michael  <- Not acceptable
  • Make sure there is ONLY ONE NAME PER LINE.